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Cost-Saving Limited Health Plans

Cover the cost of your medical care without going broke by turning to PBMUS for help. We offer limited health plans that give you access to physicians, diagnostic testing, and other medical options. Are you between jobs but want to protect yourself from healthcare costs due to illness or injury? We recommend temporary health insurance.

Limited Benefit Medical Plans

Our company offers a broad range of limited benefits, including plans that assist with hospital stays, surgery, wellness benefits, doctor's visits, and diagnostic benefits. A limited benefit medical plan is a price-point product that provides cost-effective solutions for those who may not typically be able to afford insurance.

For employers who may have a large staff, these types of plans are a great value. Our limited benefit options are also the ideal choice for service-type industries that may not provide benefits for workers.

Short-Term Medical Plans

Avoid having to pay an enormous medical bill with the aid of short-term medical plans. These options are specifically made for those who do not have a preexisting condition but want to protect themselves from an unforeseen, major medical issue. The length of coverage is 12 months at a time, and plans can be renewed up to 3 times. This type of plan is also the perfect choice if you cannot afford regular options because everything is covered at 100% after you qualify.

Level Funded Medical Plans

A level funded medical plan has prices that are typically much lower than a fully funded program. It is an effective funding alternative for the small employer with only a few employees. Contact us today for details related to level funded or any of our other medical plans.