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Invest in medical coverage that meets your needs and fits your budget with the affordable insurance plans from Pharmacy Benefit Management Underwriting Services (PBMUS) of Clearwater, FL. We work with major insurance carriers that enable us to provide medical and prescription drug plans primarily for individuals who want to augment their current insurance. Our company also works with people who may have poor coverage or none at all through their employer.

Additionally, we assist small businesses that want an inexpensive catastrophic coverage option along with significant discounts for employees who may have no other way to obtain it. In addition to affordable medical and prescription drug plans, we offer medical liability insurance, short-term medical and dental coverage, and other options that can be accessed at economical rates.

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About Us

Our underwriters are professionals with nearly 100 years of combined experience. Founders and Principals Tim Pawlik and John Ewell have been in the healthcare business their entire careers. Their experience includes working in pharmaceuticals, pharmacy benefit management, and short-term medical liability insurance. After joining forces, our founders decided to organize a company that provides underwriting services that relate to the entire healthcare industry. Working closely together, Tim and John have created innovative products in conjunction with our partner companies; depend on us for your needs, and trust that we are always seeking more optimal solutions for all of our clients.

Our Focus

To provide high-quality, price-point driven healthcare insurance products that deliver significant value to the consumer.


  • Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA)
  • Inter-Company Marketing Group (ICMG)


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